Coming from a non-musical family background, Anish started his vocal training during his graduation days at the age of 20. However, he was not a musician by any means before this. His mentor Shri Sudhanshu Sharma, the Maestro of Indore Gharana inculcated him with classical vocal training and endowed his emotional soul in music. Also, The Maestro of Banaras Gharana, Shri Gurdit Singh taught him tabla lessons with absolute rhythmic knowledge. He was intrigued to learn musical instruments like guitar, piano parallely.
Accustomed to a strict pattern of practise repertoire, he refined his musical and vocal expertise which opened doors to various forms of music like classical, pop and fusion.
He has the zest and soul satisfaction in singing and composing light and semi classical content. However his acute attention and craze lies in Bollywood music, afterall everything comes from the culture of classical. Every melody or a song has an emotion flowing with it and he has the ability to compose songs ranging in variety of emotions and perspectives of love, separation, patriotism and other social aspects. The idiosyncrasies of the mentors cultivated his musicality and gave him a better insight to music making. At the outset, the idea of a song is just a theme. He identifies various parameters how various components of a song come together and synchronize with optimum balance and sequence making it a piece of art; thereby framing the lyrics, giving instrumental and vocal arrangement, clarity, volume, punch, rhythm and synchronizing everything.
Artists learn and grow for a lifetime and beyond, in the art in which they find their spiritual connection. He found the same in music.